Kodi Firestick Update

Kodi is one of the most famous apps for online media streaming. This useful application essentially turns any tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer into an online media streamer or a digital set-top TV box. Kodi has many users because it is an open-source software, Kodi firestick update comes entirely free and is specifically designed with home entertainment in mind.

Kodi Firestick Update 1Learn Something About Kodi Firestick

In order to get the latest Kodi version, you’ll need a bit more effort, because the application isn’t available to download through the Amazon App Store. However, if you have Kodi firestick installed once, fortunately, you will become familiar enough to perform the update quickly. Whether on a larger Fire TV or on a Fire Stick, the steps of the process apply to both.

Learning how to update your Kodi Fire TV or Stick is important. This way, you will become able to update without re-installing everything such as Kodi settings, skins, add-ons, etc. You can expect that there will come many updates to Kodi in the future, so it is better to know how to perform the update Kodi on Fire TV. Updating Kodi on a Fire Stick or TV is a simple process. This task will take under five minutes.

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Kodi Firestick Update Guide

  • The first step to your Kodi Firestick update is to go to Device under Settings.
  • Once you get to Device, continue your Kodi Firestick update by selecting Developer Options.
  • Set both Unknown Sources Apps and Debugging ADB to ON.
  • Next step in your Kodi Firestick update is the install of the ES File Explorer app. You can perform this in two ways. You may use the Fire Stick’s search option or you can log in to Amazon from a computer and activate it to your Firestick.
  • Search for the ES File Explorer, highlight it and then click on it. When the file comes up, you have to click it. If the app is not installed already, you will need to download and install it.
  • Open the file, and go to Favorite. Simply close any pop-ups in case that any comes up.
  • In the next step in your Kodi Firestick update, you have to go to Add. Enter a Name and URL in the box that will come up. Type in the URL the internet path. Name the bookmark Kodi. Click ADD after double-checking that everything is typed incorrectly. You will notify by a popup that Bookmark Kodi was successfully created.
  • Scroll down on the left in order to find Kodi. Click on it, once you found it. The Kodi Download The page will appear at the right. Scroll down in the Window for the Download Page until you find the Current release of Kodi, 16.1 Jarvis.
  • Click on the ARM file you want to download. Sometimes, the file will not download when you click the ling. If this happens, follow these steps: click the 3 dots, then click Open in Browser, and finally click ES Downloader.
  • After the ARM file downloads, you have to click Open File and then Install.
  • Click Install Again, and the Kodi Firestick update will finally be installed. After the installation is done, click Open. Before being able to play content, you will need to install add-ons.

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