Filmrise Kodi Addon 2019 – Largest Collection of Independent Movies HD

Filmrise Kodi Addon

If you are tired of worrying if what you are consuming is legal or not, we have good news for you. A trusted platform, Filmrise Kodi addon is the right way to get free movies and TV series on your Kodi devices. Filmrise scrapes links from various independent YouTube channels, publishers, and Filmrise partners.

Here we bring you an installation guide with step-by-step guide on how to install Filmrise Kodi Addon. Post the guide, we’ll also introduce the primary directories of this addon, so you get to know what you are getting into. Let’s get started.

Before we start, we strictly recommend you to be safe while using Kodi. Therefore, we want you to read the disclaimer and WARNING notice found below.

Important about Filmrise Kodi Addon in 2019

Filmrise Kodi addon is a collection of thousands of popular movies. It is a celebration on a single platform, and the content in it is available in high definition. Filmrise is famous for its impeccable performance. When we tested Filmrise, there was nothing—no link, that wasn’t working, which is such an uncommon thing in Kodi’s ecosystem.

Filmrise has a bit of commercial success, and it also emerged as a platform to discover new titles that aren’t available anywhere else in the streaming world. Let’s get on with it and install this stable piece of goodness.

Since it’s a legal streaming source, Filmrise Kodi Addon is available in the official Kodi addon repository. There is a straightforward way to install this addon on your device. First, go to the addon browser section from the left menu panel of the main screen and then go to the official Kodi repository through ‘install from repository’ section.

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Since all the addons are alphabetically organized, go to the ‘F’ and look for Filmrise and install it. If this sounds complex, we have also divided this entire process into simple step-by-step guide below. Kindly refer that.

8 Points to Install Filmrise Addon on Kodi

Here are our step-by-step guide on how to install Filmrise Kodi Addon. To make it easier for users, we have grouped them with the screenshots. Let’s begin;

  • Launch Kodi on your device and go to the Add-ons option from the left menu panel.
  • Filmrise Kodi Addon-Add-onsFilmrise Kodi Addon-Add-ons

  • look for a package icon at the top left corner of the screen and click open it.
  • Filmrise Kodi Addon - Package IconFilmrise Kodi Addon - Package Icon

  • Click ‘Install from repository‘ from the list.
  • Filmrise Kodi Addon - Install from RepositoryFilmrise Kodi Addon - Install from Repository

  • Now go to the ‘Kodi Addon Repository.’
  • Filmrise Kodi Addon - Kodi Addon RepositoryFilmrise Kodi Addon - Kodi Addon Repository

  • Scroll down to Video Addons and Click it.
  • Filmrise Kodia Addon - Video Add-onsFilmrise Kodia Addon - Video Add-ons

  • look for Filmrise-YouTube on the list and click open it.
  • Filmrise Kodi Addon - FilmriseFilmrise Kodi Addon - Filmrise

  • Find an install button at the bottom right corner of the screen and click open it.
  • Filmrise Kodi Addon - - InstallFilmrise Kodi Addon - - Install

  • Wait for a notification on the top right corner of the screen labeled ‘Filmrise Add-on Installed.’
  • Filmrise Kodi Addon - - NotificationFilmrise Kodi Addon - - Notification

    Applause! Filmrise Kodi Addon is now successfully installed. To access the addon, return to main page and go to the Addon section.

    What you can get from Filmrise Kodi Addon?

    This build is simple and focuses on what is important. It has massive directories for all formats and a long list of categories to sophistically organize them. Let’s go through some of the main categories of this addon.

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    Filmrise Kodi Addon - What to expectFilmrise Kodi Addon - What to expect

  •  TV – This section has all the popular titles that we keep talking about during our dinners. Some of the top shows we have seen on the list are Forensic Files, Unsolved Mysteries, World of Discovery and many more.
  • TV Series based categories: There are some categories that are completely dedicated to a single TV series and has nothing more than all the seasons and episodes of that particular TV series.
  • Movies: This category has a variety of options. There are tons of movies from different genres. If you are a fan of binge-watching, here is a month full of content. It is impossibly hard to get bored when are exploring this one.
  • History: This category mainly consists of historical documentaries and several histories based on feature films. It also has TV shows that are somewhere connected to history, like Treasure Island and Sea Hunters.
  • Horror: Like History, it has all kind of formats: Movies, TV series but for the horror genre. We found it filled with some B grade horror movies too.
  • Releasing: If you are in a mood to watch some movie trailers that are set to release, then this category will help you. It’s a good category to plan out.
  • Fear: More or less, this offers what the Horror category offers. Although there are some unique titles too. It is a direct link to the Filmrise Fear channel.
  • World Wide Wrestling: Here is some good news for wrestling lovers. Here you can find the classic WCW matches from the ’80s. You can also find the content from the other leagues such as UWF and WEW.
  • Nature: A treat for nature lovers. It is a set of nature documentaries systematically arranged in perfect order.
  • Other Categories: Apart from the mentioned categories, there are many others that revolve around various niches like Flicks, Detectives, Features and many more. It is more or less a way to organize the content into easy-to-browse categories. Exploring through these seemingly unending categories is pleasurable and often surprises with new content.
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    A huge collection of HD movies and TV series is waiting for you with the Filmrise Kodi Addon 2019. Try it today.

    If you are facing any error during the installation, let us know through our comment section. We’ll try our best to assist you as timely as possible.

    We also request you to share this installation guide on Facebook and Twitter who would find it useful.

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