Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon 2019

A sign of a sophisticated moviegoer is his inclination towards exceptional films. So for all those people and their inclinations, we bring you Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon – a curated collection of docuseries and documentaries. This addon has some of the very best storytelling in the non-fiction genre.

When we at InstallKodiFirestick lurked in its database, we found that this addon has the most comprehensive database of documentaries on the platform. In the following installation guide, you’ll find step by step instructions on how to install the Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon. Also, we’ll introduce some of its main features, but first, something important that you should know.

Before we start, we strictly recommend you to be safe while using Kodi.

Important about Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon

With the bombardment of documentaries on platforms like Netflix and Hulu, it has become imperative that we get a filter for our content. More than ever, we are coming across amateur content that’s not worth our time. This is where this addon comes in with its curated list. Let’s check how to install Decado Documentaries on your Kodi device.

One can easily find the Decado Documentaries Addon in the TVAddons repository. It’s an easy process that starts with adding ‘fusion’ as a media source. After which one needs to extract the mentioned repository from the zip file and then conveniently install the Decado Documentaries from there. Let’s give you step-by-step tutorial, but first, an important note.

Now, let’s install the Decado Documentaries addon.

How to Install Decado Documentaries Addon on Kodi

  • Launch Kodi on your device. From the main screen, click on the Gear Icon at the top-left corner of the screen.

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - Gear Icon

  • On the next screen, Get to the File Manager icon and click it.

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - File Manager

  • You’ll see a mirrored list. Go to Add source and double-tap it.

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - Add Source

  • A pop-up box will appear with two text fields. Click on the highlighted text field that says <None>.

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - None;

  • Enter the following URL in the text field – and click on Done.

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - URL

  • Now go to the second field and name the Media source. Enter Fusion or whatever you prefer to call it and click on the OK button.

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - Name Media Source

  • Now, return to the main screen and click on Add-ons from the left menu panel.

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - Add ons

  • Get to the open box icon at the top-left corner of the screen and click it.

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - Package Icon

  • You’ll get a list, Tap Install from zip file from it.
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Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - Install from Zip File

  • Now look for Fusion and click it.

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - Fusion

  • Tap Kodi-repos.

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - Kodi Repos

  • Tap

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - Tap the repository

  • Wait for a notification message at the top-right part of the screen.

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - Notification

  • On the same screen, Tap Install from repository.

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon- Install from repository

  • Choose TVADDONS.CO Add-on repository.

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - TV Addons Repository

  • Click on Video add-ons.

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - Video Addons

  • Get to Decado Documentaries and click it.

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - Decado Documentaries

  • Click on the Install button.

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - Install

  • Wait for the notification message at the top-left corner of the screen.

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - Notification

  • To access, return to the main screen and click on Add-ons > Video Add-ons > Decado Documentaries.

Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon - Successful installation

Applause! Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon has been successfully installed.

What you’ll get from Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon?

After the installation of Decado Documentaries, you can access the expansive list of docudrama and docu-series from its database. It has a variety of categories; 9/11, Art and Artists, Biography, Comedy, Conspiracy, Crime, Health, Nature, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Science, Sexuality to name a few. In short, no matter what suits your tongue, this add-on has it for you.

To express the vastness of its database, we need to mention that the category 9/11 alone has 50 documentaries on September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The other categories also have a similar story.  Also, there are other filters like ‘highest-rated’ and ‘latest documentaries’ to discover the top cream in the genre. 

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The greatest bargain with Kodi’s streaming platform is in its variety of available choices. While Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon is a fabulous addon, this goodness has some alternatives too.

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Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon fills the stomach of all the documentary lovers. The best point is that this addon’s database has some of the oldest fully functional gems in the genre. It’s fascinating! The bottom line is that if you need a quality source for your docudrama cravings, consider Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon.

A highly recommended documentary Addon. And like always, thank you for using our tutorials.

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