8 Best Anime Kodi Addons in September 2019

Best Anime Kodi Addons 2018

We are sure that those of you who enjoy watching anime rely on a couple of popular websites. The culture of anime has spread all over the globe, and that reflects in our online world as well. The same applies to Kodi, which can be your go-to source for anime movies and TV shows. Among numerous repositories and popular Kodi addons, Kodi acts a repository on its own. This is because you can use this home theater software to access different sources of content from one place. This is why, in this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best anime Kodi addons.

Here at InstallKodiFirestick, we are dedicated to bringing useful articles that teach you how to get the most out of Kodi. This article won’t be any different. Aside from showing you anime Kodi addons and their offerings, we’ll be also talking about their installation methods. Don’t worry; you’ll learn how to watch anime by the end of this article even if this is the first time you handle Kodi addons.

Also, we would like to say that the following suggestions are fully working and up-to-date. As you probably know, some addons lose their functionality over time forcing us to look for alternatives. The same applies to Kodi Builds, which are custom installations that contain preloaded software. This is why we wanted to make sure the following addons work, which is why we tested them on our own. By the end of this article, you’ll have all you need to watch hundreds of anime movies and TV shows.

Before we start the tutorial, we strictly recommend you to be safe while using Kodi. Therefore, we want you to read the disclaimer and WARNING notice found below.

Out of the 8 best anime addons for Kodi in September 2019, 2 are official and the remaining 6 are unofficial addons.

  • 2 Official Anime Addons
  • 6 Unofficial Anime Addons
  • 2 Best Official Anime Addons

    First, we’ll show you a few official anime Kodi addons. These can be found within Kodi’s own repository, which makes the installation incredibly simple. Then, we’ll discuss unofficial options that unlock hundreds of sources of video content. But first, make sure to read the segment below on how to install official anime addons.

    Step to Install Official Kodi Addons
  • Open Kodi and wait a couple of seconds until it loads. You should see the main screen;
  • In the left-positioned menu, find the Addons Section. Click to open it;
  • Next, click on the Download button from the left-positioned menu;
  • What you’ll see on the right side of the screen are different categories. Find the one called Video Addons. Click to open it;
  • This is where the official Kodi addons are located. If you click on any of them, you’ll get to see more details and a screen from where you can perform installations.
  • Whenever installation finishes, you’ll receive a notification in the top-right corner. After that, return to the Addons Section to use your newly installed addons.
  • 1. Funimation NOW

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    Funimation NOW Kodi AddonFunimation NOW Kodi Addon

    Funimation NOW is one of the best-looking anime Kodi addons. It comes with a custom design and features beautiful transitions and animations. However, we are sure you’ll like its content the best. Speaking of official anime Kodi addons, this one should be at the top of the list for any anime lover.

    Once you open the addon, you’ll see a nice animation until the addon fully loads. Then, you’ll be greeted with a login screen. What this means is that you’ll need to sign up for a new account to fully access Funimation NOW. If you opt for a free account, you’ll occasionally see ads. Furthermore, you won’t be able to explore its library of content fully. If you decide to upgrade, you’ll need to pay $5.99 per month. This seems like a fair price considering how much content there is. All streams are HD and work without any issues. In addition, videos are dubbed in English. It’s easy to see why this addon is at the top of our list of the best anime Kodi addons.

    2. Crunchyroll

    Crunchyroll Kodi AddonCrunchyroll Kodi Addon

    In many ways, Crunchyroll is similar to Funimation NOW. It has an incredibly extensive library of content divided into movies and TV shows. The addon is nicely designed and allows different ways of filtering the content. However, be prepared to occasionally encounter some streaming issues. Sadly, it seems like the Kodi addon isn’t at the top of priorities for this company since the addon is rarely updated.

    You can try Crunchyroll free of charge. However, it does come with a subscription priced at $6.99 per month. If you decide to pay, you’ll benefit from hundreds of available anime movies and TV shows. There’s also a vibrant community of anime fans on the website.

    We’d also like to note that you can download Crunchyroll from Github if you need a third-party solution that comes with a few advanced features you won’t find in the official addon.

    6 Best Unofficial Anime Addons

    Now is time to take a look at unofficial addons. If addons like Funimation NOW and Crunchyroll fail to meet your expectations and cravings for anime video content, we’re sure you’ll find something of interest if you continue reading.

    1. 9Anime

    9Anime Kodi Addon9Anime Kodi Addon

    You’ve probably heard of 9Anime before. This is a popular online source of anime movies and TV shows, which has been around for quite some time. We are glad to say that now you can enjoy 9Anime on your Kodi as well.

    The main screen of 9Anime shows a nice list of different options for filtering. You can browse the addon’s content by genre, date added, and recently added. What you’ll find here are several categories that show subbed and dubbed movies. This kind of easy navigation is incredibly helpful, and we are glad to see an addon that’s maintained this well.

    If you open any of the main categories, you’ll see a nice list of available video content. TV shows are organized by their release date so that you can watch episodes one by one. What more could we ask for? This is truly one of the best anime Kodi addons.

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    Easy Steps on How to Install 9Anime on Kodi
  • First, we’ll need to install the 9Anime repository. However, we’ll be installing from a GitHub. Download the ZIP file to your computer this repository – https://github.com/DxCx/plugin.video.9anime. Use the provided link and then click on the green-colored button that says ‘Clone or Download’. Then, Tap ‘Download ZIP’.
  • If you’re using Windows, the file will be located on your desktop or in the Downloads folder. If you’re using a Mac, the file will be inside the Downloads folder accessible via Dock.
  • Now go to the Addons Section of Kodi, found in the left-positioned menu;
  • You will see an icon symbolizing an Open Package. tap it;
  • One of the available options on this screen is to Install from ZIP file. tap it;
  • Now you need to find your file on your computer. Once you find the ZIP file, tap it and wait a couple of seconds to be installed.
  • That’s it! You can now return to the Add-ons section of Kodi and 9Anime will be waiting there. Click on its icon to launch the addon.
  • 2. Exodus

    Exodus Kodi AddonExodus Kodi Addon

    When talking about the best anime Kodi addons, we mustn’t forget about Exodus. This is perhaps the most popular addon around, preserving its status for a long time now. Exodus is all about movies and TV shows, and anime can be found here as well.

    Even though Exodus doesn’t have the largest anime library right now, it offers close to 100 titles. No matter if you go for movies or TV shows, you’ll find anime on the list of supported genres. We’d also like to highlight the fact that you can find some critically acclaimed titles here, which is great if you’re just getting into this genre.

    To learn more, as well as how to install and use this addon, we have a dedicated article on the Exodus Kodi addon. Take a look.

    3. 7of9 (AIO)

    7of9 AIO Kodi Addon7of9 AIO Kodi Addon

    Being one of the hottest AIO (all in one) addons right now, 7of9 is our strong recommendation if you’re looking for anime movies and TV shows. Aside from this type of content, you’ll find ‘regular’ movies and TV shows here, in addition to cartoons, music, podcasts, and even IPTV. So, there’s something for everyone.

    Anime content can be found in the ‘Kids’ section (once again, we’re not sure why someone would think that anime is for kids only). Once inside this section, you’ll find anime movies and TV shows, in addition to plenty of other sub-categories. At the moment, there are hundreds of titles to choose from.

    The latest version of the 7of9 addon can be found in the Diamond Wizard Repo, so here’s the latest fully working URL: http://repo.rubyjewelwizard.com/.

    4. IT

    IT Kodi AddonIT Kodi Addon

    Upon installing this freshly released addon, you might think that it’s missing anime-related content. However, don’t worry – there’s a reason why IT is one of the best anime Kodi addons. You can find a sizeable library of interesting titles, and you just have to explore its sub-categories to get to the more interesting stuff.

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    IT is primary focused on movies and TV shows. However, upon opening either of these categories, you’ll see plenty of ways to filter the available content. Anime can be found among both movies and TV shows. And even though it doesn’t have the biggest library of anime content, we’re sure you’ll going to love what you’ll see there.

    Can’t wait to try IT? Make sure to use this website address to install the addon: https://t2k-cloud.co.uk/Repo. Add the URL to Kodi’s File Manager, install the repo, and then install the IT Kodi addon.

    5. Exodus Redux

    Exodus Redux Kodi Addon InstallationExodus Redux Kodi Addon Installation

    Our list of the best anime Kodi addons wouldn’t be complete without the latest Exodus clone. Called Exodus Redux, you can install this addon as an alternative to our previous recommendations. It’s been recently updated with the newest scrapers, and it easily finds tons of working links.

    As you can expect, Exodus Redux has a dedicated category where you can find anime movies and TV shows. The available selection isn’t the widest but there are dozens of titles at the moment. Here’s how to install Exodus Redux.

    6. Firefly

    Firefly Kodi AddonFirefly Kodi Addon

    We’ll end our list of the best anime Kodi addons with Firefly. This addon comes from its own repository (where it’s available as a single option). It uses its own scrapers and that’s why we believe it’s a viable alternative to any other similar addon out there. And of course, it brings plenty of anime content.

    At first, you might think that anime isn’t available here. However, once you start digging, you’ll see that you can filter movies and TV shows by genres, and that’s where you’ll find anime. Finally, here’s the URL that you need to use to install this addon (via the Firefly Repository): https://huckfinndiesel.github.io/repo/.

    So, that’s it, folks. We hope you managed to find something useful on our list of anime Kodi addons in 2019. Combined together, they bring thousands of titles ready to be streamed right away. We’re sure you’ll enjoy having such a large online library of anime content.

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