6 Best Korean Kodi Addons in September 2019

Best Korean Kodi Addons 2018

South Korea is a small country, at least geographically, but the influence of its culture is noticeable worldwide. First, Korean music came. K-Pop has taken over the world during the last few years, even though its influence started to spread in the 90s. Today, we are witnessing the rise of Korean cinematography. I believe many of you became acquainted with it in the past. However, my interest in Korean cinematography started with Busanhaeng (Train to Busan). This is one of the most successful commercial movies that came out of this intriguing country. Soon after, I released that Korea has a lot to offer. This is why we will be talking about the best Korean Kodi addons in this article.

No matter if you use Kodi to stream movies, or if you’re interested in Kodi’s offering of live TV channels, you’ve come to the right place. InstallKodiFirestick is the ultimate source of helpful tutorials about Kodi addons as well as Kodi builds, where we explain where to find them and how to install them. This article will continue in the same manner, with detailed information about features and installations. We promise that by the end of this article, you will learn the most important features of Kodi like installing third-party addons. Most importantly, the following Korean Kodi addons will grant you a large online library of streamable content.

Before we start the tutorial, we strictly recommend you to be safe while using Kodi. Therefore, we want you to read the disclaimer and WARNING notice found below.

Finally – here are the 6 best Korean Kodi addons for September 2019. Take a look.

  1. ICDrama
  2. FilmRise
  3. IT
  4. cCloud TV
  5. Exodus Redux
  6. Atlas Movies

1. ICDrama

ICDrama Kodi AddonICDrama Kodi Addon

As you can imagine, the first recommendation in this article is a niche addon. Called ICDrama, this Kodi addon brings Korean, Chinese, and Japanese content. And interestingly enough, this addon has recently received a new update that brought new content categories and improved its performance. That made us revise this article to include and recommend ICDrama once again, as we strongly believe it’s one of the best Korean Kodi addons.

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In terms of its content, you’ll find Korean movies, TV shows, as well as always-fun Korean variety shows. Even better, many of these titles come with English subtitles, which means that anyone can watch these awesome movies. Also, even though some titles don’t work, we believe that the vast majority plays and streams with no issues whatsoever.

To install ICDrama, you need to install the AZN Husband repository first. So, here’s the newest, fully working link: https://aznhusband.github.io/repo/.

2. FilmRise

Filmrise Kodi Addon - - InstallFilmrise Kodi Addon - - Install

Older Korean movies can often be found on YouTube, where you can watch them free of charge. This means that in terms of Kodi, you have two options available. You can either go for an unofficial YouTube addon, or you can use FilmRise instead.

FilmRise is an official (or – fully legal) Kodi addon that’s all about free movies. This add-on uses several sources from the Web, with YouTube being the most prominent one. Since it’s all about movies, you’ll find plenty of different categories right on the main screen, with a search functionality included. Even though there isn’t a dedicated section for Korean movies, you can (manually) search for those instead. And the best thing is – all of the available movies stream with no issues, and they’re all copyright-free.

If you’re willing to test this addon for yourself, here’s how to install FilmRise on Kodi.

3. IT

IT Kodi AddonIT Kodi Addon

You might be surprised to see IT on this list of the best Korean addons. When you open it for the first time, you’ll see a sizeable list of Holywood-made movies and TV shows. However, make sure to dig beneath the surface, and you’ll be surprised by what kind of content this addon offers.

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IT offers Korean movies and TV shows, many of which are being available as soon as they appear on the Web. To get to this type of content, you need to Tap ‘Languages’ when you open either ‘Movies’ or ‘TV Shows’ categories. There are hundreds of different titles including some very hard to find. Therefore, we’re sure that IT will meet your every need.

Here’s the URL of this addon: https://t2k-cloud.co.uk/Repo. Add this website to Kodi’s File Manager, install the repository found there, and then install IT.

4. cCloud TV

Korean Kodi Addons - cCloud TVKorean Kodi Addons - cCloud TV

This is one of the most popular addons that provides international content. It has been around for quite some time and managed to attract a large group of loyal users. One of the best things about cCloud TV is that it’s well-maintained, with very few non-working links.

The main screen of cCloud TV shows a nice selection of categorized content. Here you’ll find options including movies, news, documentary, music, radio, and on-demand content. In addition, you’ll find categorized sports content as well, so you can watch boxing on Kodi, NFL, WWE, or anything else.

Since this not one of the dedicated Korean Kodi addons, you’ll have to use the search option to find available Korean content. Click on ‘Search’ from on the main screen of cCloud TV and type ‘Korean’. This will list all of the available options. At times, these streams will go down. However, feel free to return later once they start working again.

cCloud TV installation is similar to installations of other third-party addons. Use the provided link to access InstallKodiFirestick’s guide.

5. Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux Kodi Addon InstallationExodus Redux Kodi Addon Installation

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard about Exodus before, being one of the most popular addons of its kind. However, the truth is that Exodus has had its ups and downs, and it can be somewhat unpredictable these days. However, we have the next best thing.

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Exodus Redux is the latest and the most popular fork of the original addon, that’s relying on the newest-generation Web scrapers. It comes with a large number of movie and TV show titles, with Korean content as well. To find this type of content, you need to Tap ‘Languages’ when you open the Movie or TV Show categories.

All there’s left is to learn how to install Exodus Redux. Click on the provided link for our recently updated guide.

6. Atlas Movies

Atlas Movies Kodi AddonAtlas Movies Kodi Addon

We’ll end our list with a newly released addon called Atlas Movies. As its name implies, this one’s all about movies – and you can find a sizeable library of titles coming from Hollywood. However, aside from the mainstream flicks, there’s also a library with Korean movies.

This is still a relatively new addon, and we expect its library to grow in the future. Right now, you’ll find a handful of Korean movies here, all of which come in 1080p. Therefore, we definitely recommend installing Atlas Movies and keeping your eye on this peculiar addon.

Atlas Movie can be found here: http://pinoyabroad.co.uk/101/. Make sure to add this file source to your Kodi (via Settings > File Manager), and then install Atlas Movies.

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