10 Best Live Sports Kodi Addons in September 2019

Live Sports Kodi Addons - Featured

Are you looking for up-to-date and fully-functional live sports addons for Kodi? If that’s the case, you’ve arrived at the right place. As you probably know, finding useful content add-ons can be a bit tricky since many of them disappear over time. Even though legal troubles plague Kodi addons (in addition to malware-related problems as well), there are also cases where developers simply turn to another project. This is why articles like this one are of great help since they show you the most up-to-date and best working Kodi addons that you can install right away.

We’re always on the lookout for freshly released addons. And of course, we never forget about the addons that every Kodi users should have. We’re passionate users of this application, and we’re huge sports fans as well – which means that you can rest assured that the following addons are truly the best live sports Kodi addons right now. So, let’s take a look.

Before the guide starts, we strictly recommend you to be safe while using Kodi. Therefore, we want you to read the disclaimer and WARNING notice found below.

Finally, you’ve made it to InstallKodiFirestick’s list of recommended live sports addons. Hopefully, you are using a VPN by now, and you’re ready to install a bunch of exciting addons. All there’s left is to try the following recommendations.

So, here are the 10 best live sports addons for Kodi in September 2019.

  1. The Crew
  2. Limitless
  3. Sportowa TV
  4. USTVnow
  5. Voodoo
  6. Scrubs v2
  7. iPlayer WWW
  8. Loki
  9. cCloud TV
  10. Red Bull TV

1. The Crew

The Crew Kodi AddonThe Crew Kodi Addon

The first recommendation on our list of the best live sports Kodi addons is The Crew. This is actually a recently released addon – but it already managed to attract the attention of numerous Kodi users. Right now, this is one of our favorite Kodi addons as well.

The Crew isn’t only about sports. You’ll find movies here, in addition to TV shows, cartoons, fitness videos, stand-up comedy specials, and more. However, it’s featured on this list due to its sizeable library of sports-related content. Upon opening the ‘Sports’ section, you’ll get to choose from different sports including NFL, NBA, UFC, WWE, FIFA, and more. Then, there are live sports channels, as well as live streams of sports events. What more could you ask for, right?

If you’d like to try The Crew for yourself, make sure to download it from the official repository, found here: https://repo.the-crew.xyz/.

2. Limitless

Limitless Kodi AddonLimitless Kodi Addon

Here we have a live TV addon with plenty of worldwide-popular sports TV channels. This one doesn’t have a dedicated category with sports events. Instead, it simply acts as a gateway to thousands of TV channels from around the world.

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The best thing about Limitless is that it doesn’t rely on a single provider. If you click on its ‘Sports’ section, you will see several content providers. In other words, there are several ways to stream one TV channel, which is important if a certain link is malfunctioning.

To install Limitless, you need to first install the ‘Luxury’ repository, so here’s the URL that you need to use: http://luxurywizard.space/luxury/.

3. Sportowa TV

Sportowa TV Kodi AddonSportowa TV Kodi Addon

You probably already know that high-quality sports Kodi addons are hard to find. That’s why we feel excited every time we stumble upon an interesting Kodi addon with plenty of content. Well if you’re a true sports fan, you’re going to love what Sportowa TV has to offer.

This addon comes with 150+ most popular sports TV channels, from all around the world. More importantly, it relies on several different IPTV providers, which means there’s always something to watch. And also, there’s a live TV schedule that helps you track your favorite games, in real-time.

To try Sportowa TV, you need to know where to find it first. So, make sure to use the following URL: http://mbebe.github.io/blomqvist.

4. USTVnow

Live Sports Addons for Kodi - USTVNow 1Live Sports Addons for Kodi - USTVNow 1USTVNOW Plus is an online service that allows you to access TV channels from the U.S. Some of the featured channels are ABC, CW, FOX, NBC, CBS, and PBS. As you can see, all of these are highly popular channels.

Those of you who are sports fans will be happy to know that this addon allows you to watch NBC Sports Network and ESPN 2, among other channels. However, you’ll need to pay for a subscription to access this feature. On top of that, you need to make sure you’re using a VPN since this content is restricted to the U.S. territories.

We have previously written about how to install USTVNow on Kodi, where you can find detailed instructions.

5. Voodoo

Voodoo Kodi AddonVoodoo Kodi Addon

Next, we will recommend a recently released addon that brings just about everything. Called Voodoo, the primary focus of this addon is on movies and TV shows. However, we also believe that Voodoo can be highly useful in terms of live sports.

This addon comes with one of the best IPTV sections out there. Called ‘Ghost IPTV’, this category scrapes the Web from several different sources, offering thousands of TV channels from all around the world. At the moment, there are 3,500 TV channels – even though you’ll find some duplicate entries as well. So, in case you like to watch sports live, all you have to do is to find a suitable TV channel.

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This add-on can be found in the Ezzer Mac repository. So, here’s the latest available URL that you need to use: http://ezzer-mac.com/repo.

6. Scrubs v2

Scrubs v2 Kodi AddonScrubs v2 Kodi Addon

This recommendation is somewhat similar to the previous one. Scrubs combines numerous types of content, even though it’s primarily focused on movies and TV shows. However, you’ll find a true wealth of content if you open its ‘More Stuff’ folder, where you’ll find cartoons, fitness videos, music, podcasts and – IPTV.

Scrubs v2 relies on five IPTV providers, making it one of the most useful content add-ons of its kind. Once again, many of these channels are worldwide popular sports channels, and you’ll truly find plenty to watch. The only downside that you’ll find is the inability to filter the available TV channels.

So, here’s where you’ll find Scrubs v2: https://jewbmx.github.io/. Install the corresponding repository first, and then access it to install the addon.

7. iPlayer WWW

Live Sports Addons for Kodi - iPlayer WWW 1Live Sports Addons for Kodi - iPlayer WWW 1The iPlayer WWW addon grants you access to the BBC iPlayer. If you’re residing in the UK., we are sure you’ve used BBC’s video player many times before. This is an incredible source of video content where you can find news, movies, and TV shows.

Since we’re talking about live sports addons, we shouldn’t forget this side of the iPlayer WWW. In general, BBC broadcasts sports events from the UK. However, you can also find international sports events like the NFL Super Bowl.

For detailed instructions on how to install the iPlayer WWW, following this link – How to install BBC iPlayer on Kodi. And also, let’s not forget that you’ll need a VPN for BBC iPlayer if you’re located outside the United Kingdom.

8. Loki

Loki Kodi AddonLoki Kodi Addon

This addon has had its ups and downs in the past. However, Loki is back thanks to a recently published update. Today, this addon is not only about movies and TV shows. It has received plenty of sports-related categories, which is why we think this is one of the best live sports Kodi addons right now.

Loki’s sports section is comprised of several categories. You can watch replays and live events. As you’ll see, there’s a prominent ‘Live PPV Event’ on the main screen that showcases upcoming events. And there are also categories related to UFC and WWE that are often updated.

If you’d like to get started with Loki, make sure to use this website: http://kodiuk.tv/repo.

9. cCloud TV

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Live Sports Addons for Kodi - cCloud TV 1Live Sports Addons for Kodi - cCloud TV 1Numerous Kodi users will tell you that their favorite addon is cCloud TV. There are various reasons for this, and the biggest one is its huge selection of live streams.

cCloud TV brings live TV channels from the US, Europe, and the Middle East. You can occasionally find live streams from other parts of the world as well. This addon is also one of the best live sports addons for Kodi. At the time of writing this article, there are around 150 channels located in the Sports section.

The installation is straightforward when it comes to cCloud TV. All you have to do is to download a ZIP file and install it. For detailed instructions, use the following link – How to install the cCloud TV addon on Kodi.

10. Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV Kodi AddonRed Bull TV Kodi Addon

And now something for the fans of adrenaline-filled sports. We are sure that many of you are already watching Red Bull TV on the Web. In fact, this TV network has an incredibly capable website that hosts on-demand content as well.

The Red Bull TV is an official Kodi addon, which means that it comes with a simple installation method. Whenever you finished installation, you can use this addon to browse the catalog of on-demand videos, as well as to stay on top of the latest events. Pretty much everything is covered, and the addon streams media files effortlessly. And lastly, don’t forget to check out our guide to installing Red Bull TV on Kodi.

Here at InstallKodiFirestick, we often say that sports fans will benefit the most out of Kodi’s sources of various content. It’s true that you can find numerous fully functional live sports Kodi addons, but you need to know where to look. We sincerely hope this article helped you find at least a couple of interesting options as well as that you’ll be using them for a long time.

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